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Why does it take so long to get to objects
Last updated at 3:30 pm UTC on 14 January 2006
There something really strange about this self-study course. We get half way through it before we even begin to look at a Class or a method. Heck, we don't even open a browser. This sure seems like a strange way to learn an object oriented language. Especially strange way to learn Smalltalk where everything is an object.

First, to be honest, it's an experiment. You really can learn a lot in just the Workspace. In a single window environment, you can learn much of what is very odd about Smalltalk code. It's also a very safe and immediate way to learn. Type a little code, swipe it, print-it and theres your result.

Our hope is that by the time we get to a multi-window environment and the object vs. class vs. meta-class world, we will have all the easy stuff mastered. Let's see if people find it helpful.

Second, its because we just haven't gotten to the hard stuff yet