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rST - Remote Smalltalk
Last updated at 10:49 am UTC on 12 October 2006
Now available for Squeak 3.9 on SqueakSource
Author: Diego Gomez Deck
Mainteners: MichaŽl Piel and Noury Bouraqadi
Collaborator: Andres Coratella (rST - Port to VisualWorks NC)
Beta Tester: German Morales


Framework for supporting distributed Squeak objects. The main goal of the project is transparency, so you don't need to change your objects to become remote. Another goal is to handle intermittence in the availability of the images, so PDA and Notebooks can interoperate in a distributed environment. Each object decides to pass "as copy" or "as reference", in the default implementation all objects pass "by reference" but Booleans, String, Character, Number and UndefinedObject (see implementors of #remoteType).

The architecture is similar to A Preliminary Specification. You can find some information at rST - Documentation
and rST - Remote Smalltalk.

Some preliminar information in Spanish: http://smalltalking.swiki.net/140

How to run the test demo

In order to execute the test demo, you must run two images of Squeak. On one of these images execute in a workspace:
RSTSamples serverStartup

this will start the server, which will wait for incoming object requests. Then, on the other Squeak image, execute:
RSTSamples runClient

This runs the client and allows you to see the results.
Once the demo is over, evaluate on both images:
RSTBroker stop

NOTE: The examples use the local address to connect to the server side, if you want to try in different machines, change the address in
RSTSamples class>>serverAdress


Recent versions available since 2005 on Squeak Source : http://www.squeaksource.com/rST.html

For Squeak 3.2 (2002)

Features in testing

Ports to others Smalltalk dialects

TODO list

Wish List

Projects using rST

Related links

Also see: SOAP, A Squeak ORB.