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Last updated at 7:41 pm UTC on 18 May 2022
Color is a subclass of Object

Color is a surprisingly complex subject; some thoughts and links from a professor that teaches about colour in software .
Some colors are predefined, for example:

 Color red
Interesting methods include:

The following code produces a list of the predefined colors:

(Color class organization listAtCategoryNamed: 'named colors') 
   asSortedCollection do: 
   [ :colorName | Transcript show: '- ', colorName  ; cr]

(Squeak 3.3a-4769) (2006)

In 2010 pantonePurpleU was added to the list.

There are also 'crayons' colors, see class category 'named colors - crayons'.

 Transcript clear.
 (Color class organization listAtCategoryNamed: 'named colors - crayons') 
   asSortedCollection do: 
   [ :colorName | Transcript show: '- ', colorName  ; cr]

How to design a color explorer with Morphic