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Last updated at 2:32 am UTC on 11 April 2007
subclass of Behavior which in turn is a subclass of Object.

The class ClassDescription is the superclass of the classes Class and Metaclass.

The class has two instance variables

If you add another instance variables (this is needed for the To Traits Or Not To Traits code of Nathanael Schaerli) all the classes in the system are recompiled because they are subclasses of this class.

This works fine in Squeak version 3.2, but doesn't work in Squeak 3.4. There is an error when compiling the class ImageSegmentRootStub, among others. This is one of the ClassDescription; a fix (and associated SUnit tests) have been documented.

From the class comment:

I add a number of facilities to basic Behaviors:

I am an abstract class, in particular, my facilities are intended for
inheritance by two subclasses, Class and Metaclass.

The slots 'organization' and 'methodDict' should ONLY be accessed by message in order for things to work during
ImageSegment>>discoverActiveClasses (q.v.).

Last updated 3/7/2003 bkv