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RentVsBuy loans
Last updated at 2:37 pm UTC on 8 April 2004
This calculator will compare the cost of renting vs. the real cost of buying a home. This calculator will compare the costs and benefits of taxes, fees, and interest you will pay when buying a home to the monthly rent you pay when renting. It does not include payments made against the principal on your loan, since those payments become equity in your home.

Monthly Rent: $

Home Cost: $

Down Payment: $

Loan term: months

Points: %

Fees: $

Mortgage Insurance: $

HomeOwner's Insurance: $

Association Dues: $

Average Monthly Maintenance: $

Property Tax: %

State & Federal Income Tax: %

Interest Rate: %

Your Savings Rate: %

How much will your house appreciate: %

How much will rent increase: %

How long will you stay in this property: months

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