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Last updated at 5:00 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
Richard Harmon has made packages with the ANSI methods and classes that Squeak doesn't have. The vast majority of these changes are additions to the image, not changes, and so they are pretty safe to load. Maybe if enough people test them out, they will end up in the main distribution image. Just load these three changes one after the other:


The Chronology package on SqueakMap provides ANSI compliance in the DateAndTime and Duration protocols. It was tested with the same ANSI test cases and is theredore interchangeable. IMHO, it has the additional advantage of Smalltalk-80 comptability and supports and extends the existing Month, Week, classes in Squeak - brp

There is a new change set on SqueakMap for Squeak 3.2 released 16 Jul 2002 – AFi

From the notes of the package:

This change set add ANSI compatibility to Squeak 3.2.
Now TestRunner with ANSI tests loaded show (2777 run, 2753 passed, 24
failed, 0 errors). (See ANSI compatibility Tests)

17 classes (8 new / 9 modified)

New classes:
ArithmeticError, DateAndTime, Duration, FloatingPointException,
RuleDate, RuleIndexDate, RuleSelectionCodeDate, ScaledDecimal

Modified Classes:
BlockContext (added method #argumentCount)
Character (added method #codePoint)
Character class (added method #codePoint:)
Float (2 methods added, 3 methods #modified)
Float class (added method #one)
Fraction (1 method added, 1 method modified)
Fraction class (added method #one)
Integer (6 methods added, 1 method modified)
Integer class (added method #one)
Number (7 methods added, 2 methods modified)
Number class (modified method #readRemainderOf:from:base:withSign:)
PositionableStream (modified method #skip:)
String (3 methods added)
TestRunner (2 methods modified)
ZeroDivide is now subclass of ArithmeticError

See also Smalltalk Interchange Format