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ISU - How to set up the server
Last updated at 8:30 am UTC on 18 March 2002
Question: What do I have to do to set up a server?


Install the software, see: ISU - How to install the software

Server: To setup the server evaluate:

ISUSystem clearInstance. <font color="green">"clear the singleton instance, all users and messages will be lost"</font>

RSTBroker stop. <font color="green">"Stop (if started) the rST broker"</font>
RSTBroker startOnPort: 9999 logging: false. <font color="green">"Started the rST broker at port 9999 and without logging"</font>

RSTBroker instance export: ISUSystem instance named: 'ISUSystem'. <font color="green">"export the ISUSystem singleton instance with name 'ISUSystem'"</font>

Read on: ISU - How to connect to a server