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Last updated at 8:44 pm UTC on 29 November 2001
Email: mailto:chrisg@appliedreasoning.com

Webpage: http://www.appliedreasoning.com/

 Applied Reasoning 
111 Corning Rd., Suite 220
Cary NC 27511

WilliamBurdick and I have finished the initial Other Squeak ports
To do the port we used djgpp (GNU for DOS) and Allegro (Game Library for DOS).

Currently TCP/IP and sound are unsupported. And there is a problem with finding sources and changes files. I haven't studied this problem in depth yet and need to figure out some way to handle filenames as Squeak assumes long filenames.

Well, for the changes and sources files, you can modify SystemDictionary>>sourcesName and changesName

If you rename the image to a filename that has no extension, DosSqueak is persuaded to find the changes file - StefanKapusniak [Well, I wonder what you mean by that, Stefan. If the image is named 'SQUEAK', then the sources file is named: '???']

Some of you may ask why anyone would want to run Squeak on such a horrible operating system?

I have three main motives: