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How to load a Squeak 3.2 project into a Squeak 3.8.1 image
Last updated at 12:25 am UTC on 13 June 2018
This page shows how to load an example project file MorphLayoutArticle.pr into Squeak 3.8.1. [1]

The file MorphLayoutArticle.pr loads in Squeak 3.2.

The class AlansTextMorphPlus which is available in Squeak 3.2 is no longer in Squeak 3.8.1.

It should be replaced by GeeMailMorph according to Bob Arning. Using TextPlusMorph seems to work as well.

To make it work in Squeak 3.8.1 one of the following is needed:

You need to change the method SmartRefStream>>#initKnownRenames to at least this


            at: #AlansTextPlusMorph put: #TextPlusMorph;
            at: #FlasherMorph put: #Flasher;

(more current version here)

or alternatively add a method


        ^ TextPlusMorph

Then drop the file MorphLayoutArticle.pr onto the Squeak desktop.

A third option is to drop the file MorphLayoutArticle.pr onto the Squeak desktop and choose the first of the following options:


Then type in the name of the new class


The result

IMAGE function cannot find the upload.

[1] Squeak 3.8.1 runs fine on modern OS and HW. Download here.