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Video and Image Processing (aka VideoFlow)
Last updated at 2:46 pm UTC on 16 February 2004
last version: 19/June/2003

Authors: Diego Gomez Deck, AlejandroReimondo, Yoshiki Ohshima and Javier Musa

Webcam support based on Squeak and Webcams (by Wiebe Baron) and on http://www.is.titech.ac.jp/~ohshima/squeak/DShowVideo/ (by Yoshiki Ohshima)

SqueakMap: http://map1.squeakfoundation.org/sm/package/da65281d-547e-44d7-a0cd-1ef4c17dc8c8

See the page of filters available today. Add new filters is so easy, take a Form and give me a Form.

Today is posible to get a video from a mpeg file or from a camera (the camera supports works only in windows).



How to test

How to test filters

Known problems with this version

VideoFlow BETA - Screenshot

Uploaded Image: videoflow-19June2003-mini.jpeg


Related Projects


(Some screenshots are gif files, so the colors look not so good.)

Image Processing interface
Uploaded Image: imageprocessing.jpeg

Rotator + Melt
Uploaded Image: Microsoft WDM Image Capture (Win32) ## Rotator ## Melt.gif

MPEGVideoSource + Rotator + Melt
from: http://kgf.swiki.net/10
Uploaded Image: st80-high.mpg ## Rotator ## Melt 2.gif Uploaded Image: st80-high.mpg ## Rotator ## Melt.jpeg

Camera + Melt
Uploaded Image: Hand with Melt filter.jpeg

Trail Filter (from mpeg and from camera)
Uploaded Image: mazinger_z_spanish_op.mpg ## Trail.jpeg Uploaded Image: Microsoft WDM Image Capture (Win32) ## Trail.jpeg Uploaded Image: st80-high.mpg ## Trail1.jpeg Uploaded Image: st80-high.mpg ## Trail2.jpeg

Webcam in Wonderland
Uploaded Image: wonderland with camera.jpeg

Examples with the Video Control Panel (the book is mine!)
Uploaded Image: videoplaying1.jpeg

Camera + Old TV Filter (BW & Color)
Uploaded Image: Camera-OldTV-BW.jpeg Uploaded Image: Camera-OldTV-Color.jpeg

Origal / Emboss / Enhanced Focus / Blur / Blur + Edge Detector / Enhanced Edges
Uploaded Image: original.jpeg Uploaded Image: Emboss.jpeg Uploaded Image: EnhancedFocus.jpeg Uploaded Image: Blur.jpeg Uploaded Image: Blur - EdgeDetetor.jpeg Uploaded Image: EnhancedEdges.jpeg

Raw Image / Emboss / Background Substraction / Background Substraction - Depth Changer - Channel Mixer
Uploaded Image: videoplaying2.jpeg

Background Substraction - GrayScale - Channel Mixer: I'm in grays, the rest in color.
Uploaded Image: Camera ## Background Substraction ## Gray Scale ## Channel Mixer.jpeg