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Control a little car with a morph
Last updated at 5:03 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
The goal of this page is to show a little environment build upon SqLego.

You have to build a little car with two motors, one for each wheel. I do not give any specification (like width between wheels or size of it) because I do not have yet sensor motor, which is necessary for getting something accurate.

With this project I wanted to perform a mapping from a Morph toward a little robot build with LegoMindstorms.

It is very easy to build a little robot with Lego Mindstorms which is able to detect if it is in front of an obstacle, if it is in front of a light source, if it touch anything else... All these characteristics are implicit with morph. This is the basis of why I think a such mapping could be realized easily.


To open it, doIt on : RCXWorld open
Define a path from the "Get new checkpoint" button, place it on the green field, click on "Init Motion", and click on "Download".

A Program is defined, then transfered to the yellow brick, run press the "run" button and, if you are lucky, the car should describe the path defined.

Uploaded Image: env_car.png

How it works
The behavior of a morph is defined by a "high-level" language composed of instruction as : turnLeft, turnRight, walk.

This program is then transformed in an intermediare language described in the SqLego page.

Pics gallery
Uploaded Image: little4.png
More Control a little car with a morph


The system is clearly not accurate at all. All the mesure have to be done for one kind of surface.

Once I will get the "sensor motor", I will try to make a precise implementation

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Alexandre : bergel@iam.unibe.ch