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FFI Caveats
Last updated at 5:06 pm UTC on 16 January 2006

Why to Think Twice before Using FFI

The following explanation is from a mail message written by Andreas Raab:

In a nutshell: FFI is dangerous ;-)

In another nutshell: FFI allows you to call functions written in other
languages (mostly C), so one can call (for instance) OS functions directly from Squeak. Have a look at the examples, they all use functions that are not in Squeak but live somewhere in the outside world. This of course implies that you have to play by the rules of the outside (C) world - or in other words, if you make a mistake you'll not drop into the debugger but Squeak will just crash. That's what the first explanation means.

The FFI stuff is in a way related to pluggable primitives since it's using several of the mechanisms pluggable primitives use. But there are major differences:

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