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Introduction to ImageSegments
Last updated at 5:06 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
Göran Hultgren wrote:
An ImageSegment contains all objects that are only reachable from it's roots. It uses the GC algorithms in a smart way by essentially withholding the roots in question and doing a mark from all other roots (globals). This will leave the objects in memory that are only reachable from your segmentroots unmarked.


If I want to dump and image segment to disk and read it back in not as a project, how do I do it? Is it worth doing?


There are basically two ways of using an ImageSegment. One can be used for "object swapping"
How to swap out an object using an image segment

How to transfer part of an image to another image using ImageSegments

Göran Hultgren

How to use an ImageSegment to determine memory usage