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Squeak on Handheld Linux
Last updated at 8:17 am UTC on 20 October 2007
This page is devoted to the various options of running Squeak on a handheld Linux platform or PDA, such a the Compaq iPaq running Familiar or the Sharp Zaurus Linux PDA (SL-5xxx). However none of the solutions below is fundamentally restricted to handheld devices.
This page is only concerned with the virtual machine (VM). For the more general story, see Squeak on Handhelds.

For information specific to the Maemo platform used on Nokia Internet Tablets see Squeak on Maemo.

Five ways to get the Squeak VM running on a Linux handheld

  1. X11
  2. DirectFB
  3. SDL
  4. Qtopia
  5. /dev/fb

The five options compared (subjectively)

Some notes