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Randall Bohn
Last updated at 5:12 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
My published Squeak work is available from http://www.xmission.com/~rsbohn/Squeak.

Thanks to Ken I have a working (obsolete) BFAV and Monticello. On Plan9 you can use the editor Acme to directly edit Wiki pages. Would be nice to have a Squeak tool to do the same.

2004-05-31 Recent Projects
Posted my Morse Code stuff on SqueakMap. Morse Code tutorial on Squeakland BSS. Wish it were better integrated with Morphic, but it is rather trivial to make a morph with a script to create a MorseSender and send a message. Added a method to Color class to convert to HTML colors. Now I'm working on methods to recurse directory trees and select image files.

Writing an essay, Randall Bohn. It is intended for people learning Smalltalk. I post a text version on this wiki, a project on one of the SuperSwikis. I expect to write a few of these as I explore Squeak.

Older entries
Running Squeak 1.2 on my Powerbook 170. Why 1.2? What else will run on a screaming 25 MHz 68030 with 8Meg RAM? (I am considering switching to 2.8 if I can manage to download and transfer it)

Also interested in Squeak on SDL, Squeak on bare metal.

I'm a Smalltalk novice, most of my experience is with Java.

2002-12-31 73 de KD7TVZ.

2002-12-19 Qualified last night for Amateur Radio Technician with code! Just waiting on the FCC to issue my license with call sign. My Morse Code trainer really paid off!

2002-11-20 Building a Morse Code trainer. Class Bug converts strings of dots and dashes '-.-. –.-' to sound. Class MorseCoder converts alphanumeric strings and delegates to Bug. See also cwtext.

31 July 2002 I very much like the idea of 'Copy SVG' on a Morph. I would like to compose a diagram in a RectangleMorph, then export it as SVG, and drop it into a web page. I'm not sure how to make it work, something about subclassing PostscriptCanvas to use a SVGEncoder instead of PostscriptEncoder. Then again, perhaps the drawing models are not similar enough. Might be better to rethink SVGCanvas as a Canvas subclass.

17 June 2002 Typed in the Clock classes from Mark Guzdial's book. Couldn't figure out why I kept getting the debugger when I send my clock the 'start' message. Turns out I left of the period at the end of one line. Instead of [timer clock: self. timer startTicking] I had [timer clock: self timer startTicking]. That of course assigns (self timer startTicking) to (self timer clock) instead of the intended (self) to (self timer clock).

14 June 2002 I wonder how to Squeak in Spanish or Japanese. I found a few pages by searching for 'Japanese' and 'Spanish'. I searched for 'Internationalization' or 'I18n' and found nothing, so I will create a page on the topic. If the page grows I will post a link on the front page, or perhaps someone else will.

Multilingual Support I18n or SqueakingInTongues

I also wonder if this Swiki supports CategoryCategory. (Answer: no 14 June 02)

11 June 2002 Thinking about blosxom in Squeak. A simple UI to capture your thoughts, some simple code to publish them. As you can see, this page is turning into a blog!

Randall Bohn is not a googlism freak!