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Last updated at 7:44 pm UTC on 11 July 2018
A class that is part of BabySRE. Class comment as of July 2018:

A ACollaboratorToolSRE models
a structure of objects,
often from the point of view of a use case or a set of related use cases.

The members of the model are ARoleSREs, they are interlinked by ALinkSpecSREs. There are only connectors for connections that the user consider interesting.

I am the root of the model tree and reponsible for managing the object collaboration tool.

Open this tool with
	halo debug command: 'SRE object browser'
	Inspector inst.var. menu command: 'SRE object browser'

Ugly: This class started ou in life as aMorph, but has been changed to becoming a model. My instances know the views; a model should never know the views (to support multiple views on the same model).

The model tree is roughly:
	self 	(an ACollaboratorToolSRE)
	diagram 	(an ADiagramSRE) 
many ARoleSRE (one for each represented object)

Much of the code has been copied/modified/extended/perverted from Jacaranda HJPasteUpMorph