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git version control system -- some notes
Last updated at 7:07 pm UTC on 25 August 2017
Git From the Bits Up, Tim Berglund


Explains the inner workings of git. A big object store (blobs).

Log of examples

Example 1

git init jax
cd jax
tree .git
git add beowulf.txt
git status
git commit -m "Initial commit"
git log

A setup of a git repository with
 git init
is the regular way

Time: 5:46

remove example
cd ..
rm -rf jax

Example 2

A git repository is a collection of objects and a system of naming those objects.

The second example is a demonstration what is needed in the .git subdirectory.

mkdir jax
cd jax
mkdir .git
mkdir .git/objects
mkdir .git/refs
mkdir .git/heads

In 'refs' are names for objects.
'refs' is a generalized name space for particular types of refs need. Internally they are called 'heads' what people normally call 'branches'.

 tree .git

 git help hash-object

git-hash-object - Compute object ID and optionally creates a blob from a file

objects is a big key-value store

echo "So. The Spear-Danes...." | git hash-object --stdin -w

git cat-file -p b0d9c44 
"So. The Spear-Danes...."

git cat-file -t b0d9c44 

git cat-file -s b0d9c44 

Time: 16:09
To be continued ......