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Acceptable Use
Last updated at 10:32 pm UTC on 13 May 2007
As we have already mentioned, this site is a Wiki, which means that there is no designated editor. Everyone is welcome to add to and improve the content, so long as the information stays on topic to Squeak.

If you want to make a modification but are unsure, you can add commentary to the bottom of a page and request comments from anyone else who visits. If you receive enough positive commentary, or if you decide no one seems to care one way or the other, then you can feel more confident in editing the page.

The original Wiki has a lot of style guidelines for beginners that are worth looking at.

If you just want to see how this Swiki works, why not have a play in the Sandbox.

If you like the idea of having your own collaborative web-site then check out the swiki.net and WikiFarms services. Also, you can go to the Swiki's Swiki for more information on how to install a Swiki on a machine of your own.