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Zurgle installation in Squeak 3.2 without SqueakMap
Last updated at 5:34 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
You can install Zurgle for Squeak 3.2:

Version changeset Zurgle 1.0b 6-8-2K2 Tested under: Squeak3.2


Here's a quick overview of installation:
I've only tested on Squeak 3.2 [4956]. People have successfully installed
this under Windows, Linux and Mac. Here's how I build:

  1. Create a new folder; grab 3.2 image, changes, sources and squeak.exe and place in the folder. Also grab Zurgle10b.zip and place it in there.
  2. Take a fresh 3.2 image; It should be one that has been freshly downloaded.
  3. unzip Zurgle10b.zip
  4. Launch Squeak, and open a new project.
  5. Open a file list, and find file 'zurgle.st'.
  6. 'File in' 'zurgle.st' ; Lots of disk grinding at this point.
  7. Eventually, a new window opens up with some text in it.
  8. 'Save as' that image under another name.
  9. Grab the newly created .image and .changes file and place them into your work directory. The rest of the files are not needed anymore.

Once all the files are loaded, you may delete the 'Luna' and 'Borg' image directories, as well as all of the different changesets.

An additional changeset for a SimpleSlider bug is at:


File it in after you file in the Zurgle code.

The most FAQ:

Was I unzipping incorrectly?
The #1 Answer:
Luna and Borg directories should just contain image files. The .st and .cs files belong in the image directory. You can get a feel for what goes where by looking at 'zurgle.st'.

An earlier version (1.0a) with installation directions and version information is at:

http://home.comcast.net/~zurgle/Zurgle/Zurgle32.htm Last updated 5/14/2002; Website moved 3/15/2002

Note: The Zurgle package leaves quite a few files in the image directory when it is building. I usually create the Zurgle image file in a separate directory, save it, and then transport the saved image and changes file to my work directories. An alternate method is to delete the source files and directories the Zurgle package introduced after you save the newly built image.