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Last updated at 2:07 am UTC on 19 July 2002
These a some headlines that are supposed to attract the attention of an average slashdot reader. They are not utterly wrong but utterly irrelevant.

"Norwegian government abandons XP and smalltalk"

"Smalltalk users receive Larry Wall's Onion Award for eloquence"

"Microsoft claims: we did not attack smalltalk swiki"

"No smalltalk support in Linux kernel for now"

"KDE reimplementation in smalltalk yet to come"

"Smalltalk interpreter written in perl may threaten C#"

"Microsoft and Apple claim: smalltalk licensing is not an issue"

"Smalltalk based filesystem way behind schedule"

"Smalltalk attempting to obsolete .net"

"Sun is alerted by Smalltalks 'run anywhere' capabilities"

"Will there be a smalltalk war after the browser war ?"

"Unions are worried about Smalltalk as a job killer"

"Smalltalk audio player bypasses digital rights management"

"Smalltalk may unite KDE and Gnome"

"Smalltalk resists Microsoft spyware"

"Dolphin smalltalk will not support Linux"