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Cash for Documentation
Last updated at 2:41 am UTC on 11 April 2007

Community based adaptive publishing on demand1

The idea is this: rather than waiting for people to come up with documentation, essays, etc. about Squeak, why not offer a financial incentive for Squeakers to do a quality writing job on targeted topics? We've noticed that there are a number of knowledgeable Squeakers who are currently unemployed; here's a chance to help them and the Squeak community at large.

How it works

Origin of the idea

On 23 July 2002, Chris Norton wrote to the Squeak list:
Ned, I wonder if perhaps you (& other fiscally challenged Squeak experts) could solicit money for documents directly from the Squeak community at large? I am not overly wealthy, but I, and I suspect others, might be willing to donate some money towards the goal of getting Squeak documented (I have suggested this before). If enough people pledge $$, perhaps you might be willing to publish your work to the Swiki? If the experts on this list make an honest attempt at documenting some of the important (as yet undocumented) bits of Squeak, I could be persuaded to donate... say up to $100 (US) towards that goal. Perhaps the best thing to do would be for people to solicit docs, via the Swiki, and then experts could solicit donations for that documentation.

I.e. you could say: "I'll document the Morph class if I can get 20 people to donate $20 towards that goal..." I recall some bugs were fixed for beers and t-shirts in the past. Mayhap we're ready to pay for documentation. :-)

PS> As an added incentive, I suppose that any docs that wind up in the
source code could include the author's name, as well as a list of his/her
sponsor's names.

The list

Desired essays or articles

These would be self-contained articles anywhere from the size of magazine articles (3000 words or so) up to the size of book chapters on a selected Squeak topic. Help out the Squeak community by sponsoring world-class documentation!
There's already some ideas at Essays Wanted.
Some ideas:

Desired class or module documentation

There's lots of the Squeak system that remains undocumented or poorly documented. Help out the Squeak community by pledging some money or time to make Squeak a well-documented system!

Slingshot into Squeak: A Documentation Proposal.

Desired software enhancements

There's already some ideas at Wanted: Applications, Tools, Goodies.
Some possibilities:

May be related with the previous: