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Installing Magma
Last updated at 1:30 am UTC on 6 June 2019


All available releases of Magma are accessible with a "one-click" install from SqueakMap. Open a Catalog Browser, type "magma" in the search bar. Magma appears with , you should see the four Magma configurations.

Choose a Package-Level

The "tests" package requires the "server" package, which requires the "client" package. There are three levels of Magma installation; "client only", "client + server", and "client + server + tests".

Each of the above are fixed-configurations which load specific-releases of MC package-versions, which are known to work together.

For brevity, the names of the releases in the SqueakMap Catalog list is simply, "client", "server", and "tests". Most people will install "server", which automatically installs the client as well (client + server).

Here is the full package hierarchy.

The head Release

There is also a head release, which simply merges the latest versions of all code packages ("client+server+tests"). This is used by developers wishing to keep-up with the latest Magma fixes and enhancements.

The head version is not guaranteed to be stable or compatible with any particular Squeak release but it is typically with the latest trunk version of Squeak, which is analagous to a head release Squeak.

In any case, for any system, running tests should be used to determine whether the system is functioning correctly.

Recommended VM

Magma runs on Squeak on all known VM's. The Cog VM affords a significant performance boost over the Interpreter, and Spur provides a significant performance boost over Cog. Linux is the preferred platform, but Windows and Mac should work too.

Source Code

Source code packages are stored on SqueakSource. To browse individual packages within the image, open a Monticello Browser, add and open the following HTTP repository:
      location: 'http://www.squeaksource.com/Magma'
      user: ''
      password: ''

Open-source collaboration on Magma Inbox project

Magma is an open-source project. At www.squeaksource.com, project called "MagmaTester" where the latest Magma packages are always available for download, as well as some unharvested enhancements submitted by Magma enthusiasts. A discussion medium is available via the Magma mailing list, after which these changes may be harvested into the stable "Magma" project, also on squeaksource.com, as appropriate.