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CVS tools and links (obsolete)
Last updated at 12:00 am UTC on 17 January 2006

This is now obsolete. See Getting source using the SubVersion repository instead

This is not an extensive list of CVS tools but hopefully a nice link collection to help you find a suitable tool and some documentation on CVS.

Central urls for CVS:

Good clients:

Other tools for Linux are Pharmacy, Cervisia (both not really continued I think) and LinCVS (which is similar to gCVS from http://www.cvsgui.org).

Unfortunately I haven't found a really good one for Linux except for maybe TkCVS, I need to play with it more...

Note: Almost all of the available clients are GUI wrappers around the same executable. This means most often the operations work just fine, the differences are all in the presentation. So you don't need to worry about messing something up when using a rather unknown client.

Note 2: SqCVS is a reimplementation of the pserver client side which will (when it is ready) mean that we can have full CVS client support directly in Squeak. For SF access we would on the other hand still need some form of SSH though.