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How to create a new project with code - example 5
Last updated at 6:37 pm UTC on 25 July 2022
The following code create a new Morphic project and populates it with a text box:

| newProject  |
 newProject := MorphicProject  new.
 newProject name: 'Project 5'.

 newProject showWorldMainDockingBar: false.
 newProject world color: Color lightBrown.

 container:= RectangleMorph new.
 container layoutPolicy: TableLayout new.
 container  position: 20 @ 200. 
 "center submorphs"
 container listCentering: #center.
 container wrapCentering: #center.
 container width: 600.
 container height: 300.
 container color: Color white darker.

 tm := TextMorph new.
 tm contentsWrapped: ''; hResizing: #spaceFill; vResizing: #spaceFill. 
 tm beAllFont: ((TextStyle default fontOfSize: 18) emphasized: 0).
 container addMorph: tm.

 newProject world addMorph: container.

 ProjectViewMorph openOn: newProject.