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Last updated at 6:54 pm UTC on 12 September 2017
WAFileMetadataLibrary replaces WAFileLibrary.

It includes the meta data.

I seek to address the following WAFileLibrary related issues:

WAAbstractFileLibrary has been introduced which acts as a base for the old file libraries derived from WAFileLibrary and introduces a new subclass WAFileMetadataLibrary. WAFileMetadataLibrary supports resources with paths, which is handy when, for example, the javascript or css in a file library expects its supporting images to be in subdirectories such as img/xxxx.png. WAFileMetadataLibrary also records the original filenames so that when you #deployFiles from the file library on a production server, the exported files will maintain their original names and paths.

There's a new method for recursing a sub-directory tree to add all the files and record their relative paths:

MYWAFileMetadataDerivedFileLibrary recursivelyAddAllFilesIn: '/var/www/files/twitterbootstrap'