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slogans on classy
Last updated at 3:41 pm UTC on 14 January 2006
This page is for Squeak slogans. It is not a contest, but a celebration (god help us) of the creativity that made Smalltalk famous. Please don't edit any slogans. Do make your own name-labeled section and add variants of other slogans, or your original ones, so all may join in admiring and praising your wit and genius. An Equal Opportunity Webpage: Wits and Wags are equally welcome.

Idea: Try for a light, breezy touch. Here are some examples of what to avoid: BadSqueakSlogans

Walk Tall, Talk Small.

A slogan that compiles. Then you just have to make a few globals and a new message. Yes, that'll do nicely. That's my entry! :)

What about some tougher stuff, maybe not slogans?

These are a bit long for slogans, but...

Code weak? Try Squeak!

Daniel Joyce

Squeakin' on up...

Jason Karney

A minute in Squeak takes in Java a week.

Replace Java with the language you most love to hate.
(COBOL anyone?)

Stephan Houben

Think big, Squeak for president!
slogans on classy

Let's Squeak baby!
Ian Trudel