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Editing CustomHelp topics
Last updated at 9:55 pm UTC on 15 April 2018
edit: aSelector
	"Open a Workspace on the text in the given selector.
	When accepted, compile the result as a help topic."

	| topic window |
	topic := (self respondsTo: aSelector) 
			ifTrue:[self perform: aSelector]
			ifFalse:[HelpTopic title: 'Untitled' contents: 'Please edit this topic. 
To change the topic title, edit the window label.'].
	window := UIManager default
		edit: topic contents
		label: topic title
		accept: [:text| self accept: aSelector title: window label contents: text].

accept: aSelector title: title contents: text
	"Accept edited text. Compile it into a HelpTopic"

	| code |
	code := String streamContents:[:s|
		s nextPutAll: aSelector.
		s crtab; nextPutAll: '"This method was automatically generated. Edit it using:"'.
		s crtab; nextPutAll: '"', self name,' edit: ', aSelector storeString,'"'.
		s crtab; nextPutAll: '^HelpTopic'.
		s crtab: 2; nextPutAll: 'title: ', title storeString.
		s crtab: 2; nextPutAll: 'contents: '.
		s cr; nextPutAll: (String streamContents:[:c| c nextChunkPutWithStyle: text]) storeString.
		s nextPutAll:' readStream nextChunkText'.

	self class 
		compile: code
		classified: ((self class organization categoryOfElement: aSelector) ifNil:['pages']).