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Model buildWindowWith: builder specs: specs
Last updated at 6:50 am UTC on 6 July 2018
The method #buildWindowWith:specs: is the main method used in the ToolBuilder framework to build tools.

 buildWindowWith: builder specs: specs
	| windowSpec |
	windowSpec := self buildWindowWith: builder.
	specs do:[:assoc|
		| rect action widgetSpec |
		rect := assoc key.
		action := assoc value.
		widgetSpec := action value.
		widgetSpec ifNotNil:[
			widgetSpec frame: rect.
			windowSpec children add: widgetSpec]].

You can see these tools if you look for this method in a browser and then ask for the senders of #buildWindowWith:specs:

A simple example

One particularly simple call is from StringHolder

 buildWith: builder
	| windowSpec |
	windowSpec := 	self buildWindowWith: builder specs: {
		(0@0corner: 1@1) -> [self buildCodePaneWith: builder].
	^builder build: windowSpec

The spec object is just

   (0@0corner: 1@1) -> [self buildCodePaneWith: builder].

An association with a block.

In StringHolder this method is called indirectly with

 ^ToolBuilder open: self label: aString

The result happens to be the well-known Workspace.

For a slightly different way of building a tool see TranscriptStream