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Last updated at 3:43 pm UTC on 14 January 2006
I'm doing research in OO reengineering and I use Smalltalk (VW) for building my tools. I'm teaching Smalltalk at University of Berne. And I love Smalltalk because for me this is like a wonderful object-oriented Scheme written in itself with its own environment written in itself. Really cool.

(I came from Scheme, CLOS and its MOP (something that people were not prepared to listen). Look at http://www.franz.com/ and http://www.nichimen.com/ (everything is done is Lisp))

I was looking at Squeak periodically since v1.23 but now after the demo of Dan at OOPSLA I will dive into it. My wife should teach computer science, so we will have fun with Squeak. I'm starting to implement an extension of Pen (a Turtle) where the 0 direction and the turn: use the mathematical concept (0 = x axis and turning being trigonometry sense).

My contribution to the community is: teaching smalltalk even for free, seeding seed as much as I can, participating to ESUG http://www.esug.org/ and SSUG http://www.iam.unibe.ch/~scg/cgi-bin/Smalltalk.cgi , then helping that good books on Smalltalk get publish. I'm currently reviewing several on them.

Contact me if you cannot find an editor for a good book.

Email: mailto:ducasse@iam.unibe.ch

Stephane Ducasse.