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Last updated at 12:21 am UTC on 17 January 2006
This is an experiment in using swiki in the sandbox...
I am simply going to record my journey into the world of Squeak and Smalltalk. I first discovered there was such a thing as Squeak about 6 months ago when I was looking for a public domain Smalltalk to mess around with. I had a lot of other distractions in my life and didn't get back to it until about a week ago.

I am hoping to use Squeak both as a tool for learning Smalltalk and for using the plugin version Etoys and active essays.

The tutorials on Squeakland.org for Etoys to be very good.
No success yet in figuring out how to put together an active essay.

Reading the book A Taste of Smalltalk is finally turning the lights on.


So today my daughter says: "You can only see in the dark if the light is on."


Made up some Etoys and played with them for a while with M. Great time. Now I just want to figure out how to animated the moon going around the earth while earth moves around the sun. I wonder if there is a simple way or do I have to do the math.