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Using the SqueakMap Package Loader
Last updated at 12:22 am UTC on 17 January 2006
The SM (SqueakMap) Package Loader is a simple tool which lets you download and install Squeak packages over the internet.

To open the the Package Loader do:

If you are opening Package Loader first time in your image, it may take some time while the installation procedure ends and you finaly see the window similar to one which is shown below.

Uploaded Image: Package Loader.gif

You should see three panes in the SM Package Loader.

1. The LOWER-LEFT (big) pane shows the complete list of all available packages.

Right clicking this page opens a menu:

Uploaded Image: Menu.gif

If you want to install a selected package, utilize the "install" menu item.

Notice the checkboxes in the menu. If you want to see the packages which were not yet installed and can be installed, let them in their initial state.

2. The UPPER-LEFT pane can be used for quick search for packages

3. The RIGHT pane shows detailed information about a selected package

If you want to use a more full-featured SqueakMap package browser, try installing the "SqueakMap Browser" package.