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Last updated at 7:28 pm UTC on 14 March 2021
Croquet is a 3D virtual world system in Squeak.
A commercial variant is used by 3DICC to implent Immersive Terf, a large scale virtual conference system that allows you to 'be there now'.

Nikolai Suslov: 
is working to maintain an open variant for Squeak users. He reports -

I had a success on partly restoring of Open Croquet onto Squeak 5.2 (https://blog.krestianstvo.org/en/open-croquet-for-squeak-6/). Source code is also available on Git, by using Squot https://github.com/NikolaySuslov/croquet-squeak.
So, one can run some of the same demos, that historical screenshots could be found at the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Croquet_Project.
As for current Squeak 5.3 release, I'm steel in the process of testing Open Croquet on it.

Croquet has already a long history and I thinking, that it is quit important to keep information for all development stages, it is passed through also. Every Croquet version based on Squeak VM/Image pair has it's own unique features worth of exploration.

Also, there are lot of videos on David A. Smith's YouTube channel with Croquet demos from the "future" (https://croquet.io/), now and the past, like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOZPW8l85eI\

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There is a commercial version of Croquet called Immersive Terf (

There is an opensource version called OpenQwaq. There are a few offspring of that around like https://krestianstvo.org/docs/about/projects/

There is also a new Javascript version of croquet available at https://croquet.io/sdk/docs/

Hope that helps.