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The Humane Interface
Last updated at 12:47 am UTC on 17 January 2006
Posted to the squeak-dev list by dgc on 2/19/2003
Added to the Swiki by dgc on 2/19/2003

As long as we're reviewing how approachable Morphic is for the novice...

Here are several of Jef Raskin's ideas from his book "The Humane Interface" about applying cognitive psychology to make user-computer interactions more efficient, consistent, and friendlier.


It seems to me that some of these are accomplished very well by Squeak and some could make the whole environment much more approachable for the naive. You can find this summary listed here as well:

Jeff Raskin also has several other innovative ideas which, if implemented,could greatly enhance future versions of Squeak. Including...
He also advocates concepts which are close to what already exists in the Squeak environment.

An explanation how this would work can be found in his book. As well, his web site has some descriptions of these concepts and usage. http://www.jefraskin.com/


hmmm..."talk doesn't cook rice." Beyond that, these are very well-intentioned but muddled comments by someone who is obviously not a programmer. :-) Doug Clapp; dclapp@qwest.net

Could you be more specific? What's the interrelationship between intentions, the programmer, the ability to program, & the application user? dgc