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Class Comment Drafts
Last updated at 12:50 am UTC on 17 January 2006
I am assembling some class comments for the less documented classes in Squeak, focusing primarily on the Morphic area. (Morph menus)

Please make any changes you think will be helpful. The general process is I (or anyone else!) may write a draft. Once it looks decent, announce it to the squeak dev list for peer review. When its stable, release it as a changeset.

Comments are intended to be a succint introduction to the purpose and implementation of a class, not a full tutorial on a subsystem, though links to such tutorials would be useful.

When the comments go out as changesets, they will be in the standard comment format and include hypertext links to other classes as possible.

Break time. I am not working on class comments until the first batch of them makes it to an update stream near you.





Status codes:

Once a piece is in submitted status, feel free to continue to make changes, but please annotate what changes you make so the additions are clear. (Before submission, don't bother doing this - things change too much).