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SqueakMap Registration Screenshots
Last updated at 12:50 am UTC on 17 January 2006
For folks that are wondering what registering on SqueakMap looks like...

Debugger - stub method creation

Fields in bold are mandatory. For all emails given you can use the Spam blockers "no_spam", "no_canned_ham", "spam_block" (case insensitive). The server knows how to filter those.

Name (a cool name of course):

Summary (1 line):

Author (The original author, ex: "Joe Schmoe" or "Joe Schmoe <joe@schmoe.com>"):

Maintainer (The person to contact with any questions, ex: "Joe Schmoe <joe@schmoe.com>"):

In each of the following mandatory categories a subcategory must be chosen:

Maturity level:


Squeak versions:

Registrant (that's you, ex: "Joe Schmoe <joe@schmoe.com>"):