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ImageMorph class comment
Last updated at 12:16 am UTC on 1 November 2006
Go to ImageMorph for more detailed information; this page provides the "rough draft" for a class comment.

This comment has now been harvested; feel free to make any additions, but please mark them as such so we can tell the differences. If additions warrant, the comment can go out again.

I am a morph that displays a picture (Form). My extent is determined by the extent of my form.

Use #image: to set my picture.

 instance var     Type – Description
 image            Form    The Form to use when drawing

Code examples:
(doit) ImageMorph new openInWorld; grabFromScreen
(doit) (Form fromFileNamed: 'myGraphicsFileName') asMorph openInWorld

Relationship to SketchMorph:
ImageMorph should be favored over SketchMorph, a parallel, legacy class – see the Swiki FAQ for details ( FAQ: Difference between SketchMorph and ImageMorph ).