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How can I ping a host within Squeak
Last updated at 3:49 pm UTC on 14 January 2006
From: Alexandre Bergel Sent: January 22, 2004 How can I ping a host within Squeak?

On my xterm I can: “ping moore.unibe.ch”
But under Squeak when I perform the following within a Transcript:
Socket ping: 'moore.unibe.ch' 
into a fresh 5657 I get a popup saying: 'Continue to wait for connection to moore.unibe.ch'
Any idea how I can ping an host within Squeak?

Goran Krampe
Socket class>>ping: is not the same as "ping" (which uses ICMP), read the method comment.

Alexandre Bergel
SystemNavigation default allImplementorsOf: #ping 
==> a SortedCollection()
SystemNavigation default allImplementorsOf: #ping:
==> a SortedCollection(a MethodReference OldSocket class >> ping: a MethodReference Socket class >> ping:)

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We don't do ICMP in Squeak. ICMP is what's used by ping (8). However, you could run ping using OSProcess.