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Known Bugs in Squeak3.4
Last updated at 12:52 am UTC on 17 January 2006

Adding instVar to ClassDescription breaks ClassBuilder

SketchMorphs in buttons do not display correctly in 32-bit display mode

Exhibited under: Windows VM
When the display is set to 32 bit depth, SketchMorphs within IconicButtons are not drawn correctly.
To replicate, select 'World->Appearance->Display Depth' 32. Subsequently, when you bring up the objects menu, ('World->(o)objects'), only the names of the object buttons are displayed, the SketchMorph representation within the IconicButtons is transparent. This is from code introduced in the transition from 3.2->3.4 that dealt with transparency issues. This bug is also exhibited with the IconicButtons in flaps, after flaps have been regenerated.

Note: Another side effect of this bug is that the 'World->objects' object pallette appears blank, in that the icons for the objects no longer display.