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Remote Development/Debugging
Last updated at 12:55 am UTC on 17 January 2006
by Jon Hylands

In order to facilitate working on Squeak in my Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Error: this should not happen, I want to start working on a simple framework that will allow, in the beginning, a remote workspace, but eventually has full browser and debugger support over a socket connection.

I am soliciting input from the community on this project. I don't promise to do all or even any of what other people want, but I am interested in what people think and what they want.

I want to architect this right from the beginning, so that when the time comes to add remote debugger support, I won't have to throw everything away and start over.

Please add comments as you see fit...

Jon Hylands (jon@huv.com)

(Jon - Looks good, but if I use Flow this probably won't do me much good...)
(dgd: Flow and rST are different type of animals. rST is a framework to send messages to objects located in diferent images (probably over the net), to interact with images located where you want in a transparent way (for example: rST has a distributed GC). Flow, iirc, is a stream/communication layer. rST can be changed to use Flow as a communication mechanism )

(Jon - I think Nebraska has far too much overhead for what I want. As well, I need a solution that isn't bound to Morphic...)

(Jon - that sounds like a good idea...)