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V3 image format
Last updated at 4:30 pm UTC on 8 August 2020
"V3" is the original object representation for Squeak as described in the back-to-the-future paper.
Though V3 refers to Squeak 3.x versions a strain of Squeak images using this format has been retained.

For recent images (e.g. 5.2) in the traditional V3 image format see

See Squeak Trunk V3 Update Stream

The V3 image format is used by a version 3 virtual machine, that is the interpreter VM.

This is the VM you still get in Debian based installations as of October 2018 if you call

 squeak –version

and if it is not installed it tells you to do something like

 sudo apt install squeak-vm

Note that once you have started a V3 image with a newer VM you no longer can use the interpreter VM as the image has been converted.

Note about V3 format


Explanation of instSpec V3 instance specification in the image and in the VM