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Last updated at 1:02 am UTC on 17 January 2006
A Process is an independent thread of execution.

Creating New Threads

The easiest way to create a new thread is the fork method:
[(Delay forSeconds: 5) wait. Beeper beep] fork

You can also use newProcess, if you'd like to create a process that is not running. When are ready to start the process, use resume:
process := [(Delay forSeconds: 5) wait. Beeper beep] newProcess.
"do whatever you want in here..."
process resume.

Process priorities

Every Process has a priority. Processes with higher priorities preempt processes with lower priority. You can read and change the priority of a process using the priority and priority: methods.

There are a number of named priorities; see the class methods of Process for what is available.

Finding Existing Processes

To see the existing processes, including the current process, see Processor.

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