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Last updated at 1:02 am UTC on 17 January 2006
A simple real-time strategy game demo. Originally done to demonstrate Squeak's viability for a full screen, animated game. Reworked considerably to demo for a job. Eddie Cottongim


From the changeset:
Simple Realtime Strategy game demo.
To start, evaluate "SimConsole new openInWorld"

The quit button exits Squeak!

Use SoundPlayer shutDown
to turn off the music if needed.

For best performance:
-adjust display depth for your platform
-don't have lots of morphs behind the game
-turn off flaps
-run in own project (helpful for #2/3)

The basic goal was to demonstrate Squeak as a game platform. Quite a bit of refactoring is needed. I had to get this out the door!

Have fun!

You'll need to put the images in an "images" directory under your base squeak directory. Everything else can go in the squeak base directory.

Wargame.cs.gz Code - required. Updated March 25, 2003.
images.zip Images - required. Goes in the "images" directory under the Squeak base directory.
Missing File (/squeak/uploads/gameloop.mp3) Optional music - goes in squeak base directory.
Demo.pr Optional project (I used for the ready-to-run CD)

Uploaded Image: screenshot.png