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Harvesting Process
Last updated at 6:14 pm UTC on 14 March 2007

Note that this page has been updated quickly to reflect that fact that all new issues are handled on the Mantis Server. Pages linked from this page may still refer to (obsolete) BFAV and sending posts to the mailing list. For Fixes and Enhancements the process of using the mailing list and (obsolete) BFAV has been deprecated and you should instead substitute using the Mantis Server wherever you see that.!

The harvesting process is the process by which fixes and enhancements submitted to the Mantis Server are reviewed by everyone (including you) and approved by The Harvesters and then included in the main Squeak release.

Here's a simple one-sentence overview of the process:

If someone posts a Fix or Enhancement to the Mantis Server, and then a Harvester approves it, then it will be incorporated into the current Squeak alpha image soon afterward, barring any objections.

Here's the process step-by-step:

1. Submission

2. Comment/Review/Vote Period

3. Approval/Incorporation

See also Harvesting Process FAQ and How to help with harvesting - Simple things we can all do .