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Kernel Cleaning Project (KCP)
Last updated at 7:19 pm UTC on 4 December 2007
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The goal of the KCP project is to clean and refactor the kernel of Squeak so that developers of new language can really use Squeak and are not forced to patch the system in all kinds of ugly way.

We would like to have a clean kernel without any dependencies on unnecessary part such as UI elements. We would like to have code that follow: move behavior close to data, one class one responsibility, no duplicated code, no magic number,...

Some conventions:

Important Files

KCP Suggestion

KCP Suggestion

Current Version

Changesets for 3.8


KCP To Dos

Internal and work mailing-list

We cannot afford to get flooded by the Squeak emails, so we have a public mailing-list named kcp where you can register http://www.iam.unibe.ch/cgi-bin/majordomo. The name of the mailing list is kcp. In this list we will discuss publicly some design points we want feedback and our progress.

KCP Team

Interested parties