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Last updated at 10:34 pm UTC on 13 May 2007

Download Squeak

[Important Note: You are now at the download section of the Squeak Swiki, the primary source for information about Squeak]

The latest stable Squeak version is: Squeak 3.5
For previous versions see here: (3.4),(3.2),(3.0).

How to read the following table:
The table is organized by major platforms and provides entries for particular items on each platform. If there is an entry for "full" then this is all you need to download to get going. If not, you need to download both, the "image" and the "stable VM" package.

The columns in the table mean:

The info in front of each row is a link to more information about this port, typically hosted by the primary developers of this port. For more specific information about Squeak downloads see below.

Scroll right, or resize your browser, to see the entire table.
stable full image stable VM VM source code
info all versions 3.5 Squeak-3.5-win-full.zip Squeak-3.5.zip Squeak-3.4.4-Win32-VM.zip Squeak-3.4.4-Win32-src.zip
info MobVM 3.4 n/a Squeak-3.4.zip MobVM.exe MobVM-src.zip
info all versions 3.5 Squeak-3.5-mac-full.zip Squeak-3.5.zip Squeak-3.4b3.sit SourceForge
info Cocoa VM 3.4 n/a Squeak-3.4.zip CocoaSqueak.sit/a> CocoaVM.sit
info Intel x86, RPM 3.5 Squeak-3.5-i386-rpm.zip Squeak-3.5.zip Squeak-3.5-i386.rpm Squeak-3.4-1.src.tar.gz
info Intel x86, DEB 3.5 Squeak-3.5-i386-deb.zip Squeak-3.5.zip Squeak-3.5-i386.deb (see above)
info PowerPC, GNU/Linux 3.5 n/a Squeak-3.5.zip Squeak-3.5-powerpc-linux.tar.gz/a> (see above)
info PowerPC, NetBSD 1.5 3.5 n/a Squeak-3.5.zip Squeak-3.5-powerpc-netbsd1.tar.gz (see above)
info Sparc, Solaris 3.5 n/a Squeak-3.5.zip Squeak-3.5-sparc-sun-solaris.tar.gz (see above)
Windows CE
info ARM (iPaq) 3.5 n/a Mini-3.5.zip SqueakVM-PocketPC-ARM.zip ???
info all versions 3.5 n/a Squeak-3.5.zip SqueakVM-Acorn.zip ???
My platform
info all versions n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

More download information

No matter what system you are on you will need to end up with these four files to run Squeak X.Y:
The first three files are platform-independent. The fourth file is the interpreter, or virtual machine (VM), and you must get one that is intended for your particular computer. For Acorn, Macs, Windows, and some unix/linux systems there are full packages containing all necessary files above.

If you need to download individual files or older versions of Squeak, see one of the following sites:


If you have trouble starting Squeak for the first time, try the following:
  1. By far the most common problem is that the files were downloaded in "text mode". The symptom is that a compressed ".sit", ".zip", "tar.gz" or similar file can't be decompressed. This is because add of the linefeeds have been turned in to carriage returns. The downloading program is trying to do too many favors for you. Another symptom is that Squeak runs, but the source code of every method is gibberish. This means the file SqueakV3.sources had linefeeds inserted into it.
  2. In both your fetching utility, and your decompressing program, set the preference to "binary" instead of "text" mode.
  3. Download a complete set of all files you need. Make sure these files are OK and are not touched by any download problems. I recommend downloading a Stuffit, Zip, or Tar file (depending on your preferred platform) since the compressed files usually have checksums. Uncompressed files are sometime modified by helpful OSs, and this corrupts it for Squeak. If you download stuff from the web you should always do binary download. If you don't know how to do this, use Fetch, or another FTP program.
  4. Decompress the files in a single folder. There should be four files now: SqueakX.Y.image, SqueakX.Y.changes, SqueakVX.sources (the "X.Y" stands for the version) and the Squeak program itself (named differently because of platform specifics, e.g. Squeak.exe on Windows).
  5. Assuming you're using a Windows or Mac like UI, drag the file "SqueakX.Y.image" onto the Squeak VM itself. You probably already know about starting programs on your machine.
  6. Look what's happening. If you get messages such "Squeak could not find the file xxxxxx" then you haven't put all of the files in the right folder. In general, you should not get such a message. If you do, something is wrong.
  7. If the system seems to to start up with a blank screen showing only a complaint about not finding the source file, check that the SqueakVX.sources file is in the same folder as the VM.
  8. If the system seems to to start up with a blank screen showing only a complaint about not finding the changes file, check that the SqueakX.Y.changes file is in the same folder as the SqueakX.Y.image file.
  9. If you use the Squeak Class Browser and the bottom pane is blank, it often means that Squeak cannot find the SqueakVX.sources file. Perhaps it is not in the same folder as the virtual machine.
  10. Try the graphics/sound examples in the "Welcome to Squeak" Window. If they work, things should be fine. If they don't it's time to ask for help.