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Last updated at 11:24 pm UTC on 9 April 2018
A LayoutFrame is specific to a ProportionalLayout of which it is the essential component. A Morph acquires a proportional layout from the message #addMorph:fullFrame: . A layout frame is defined by decimal coordinates in a 1 X 1 rectangle
From the class comment:
I define a frame for positioning some morph in a proportional layout.

Instance variables:
    bottomFraction 	(Float)	The fractional distance (between 0 and 1) to place the morph in its owner's bounds

    bottomOffset 	(Integer)	Fixed pixel offset to apply after fractional positioning (e.g., "10 pixel right of the center of the owner")

A LayoutFrame is used with
aMorph addMorph: otherMorph fullFrame: aLayoutFrame
aMorph addMorph: otherMorph frame: aRectangle
(which simply builds a LayoutFrame from aRectangle and delegates to addMorph:fullFrame:)
See also TableLayout for a more table-like way of laying out Morphs.

LayoutFrame example