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How to use hypertext in Squeak text
Last updated at 1:22 am UTC on 17 January 2006
                                               Hypertext in Squeak

Squeak allows text to be marked up in a variety of ways in addition to colors. Press Alt-6 (Cmd-6 on a Mac) to get a menu.

	Doit		Mark the text so that it is executed when used as a button.

				Select the text, then Alt-6, then choose Doit.
				Example: Transcript cr; show: 'Example'

				The expression can be hidden. First type:
				Example: Text<Transcript cr; show: 'Example2'> on the Transcript

				Then select "Text<Transcript cr; show: 'Example2'>" and select Doit:
				Example: Text on the Transcript

				Note that the syntax:
				is special and will occur in other menu items.

	Print it		This is identical to Doit except that the result of the expression is printed.

				Example: Then (2+2) is<(2+2)>

				Highlight '(2+2) is<(2+2)>' then select Print it from the menu
				Example: Then (2+2) is

	Link to comment of class
	Link to definition of class
	Link to hierarchy of class
				Select a class name, then Alt-6 and select 'Link to — of class'

				Example:  View the class comment of Object
				Example:  View the definition of Object
				Example:  View the hierarchy of Integer

	Link to method
				Link to method uses the special syntax described under Doit above.

				Example:	View the method definition of a method<Array size>
				Final text:	View the method definition of a method

				Example:	View the method definition of a method<Interval at:put:>
				Final text:	View the method definition of a method
	Be a web URL link
				Link to a web site. The URL can be in open text; simply select it
				then Alt-6, then select 'be a web URL link'. Alternatively, the
				special syntax described above may be used.

				Example:	Link to http://dnsmith.com 
				Final text:	Link to http://dnsmith.com 

				Example:	Link to my site<http://dnsmith.com>  
				Final text:	Link to my site

	Edit hidden info
				Converts text to its original form so that the hidden text is visible.

	Copy hidden info
				Copies the hidden info to the cut/paste buffer.

For Squeak 3.4, 3.5, 3.6
David N Smith
24 July 2003

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