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Last updated at 9:35 pm UTC on 26 December 2007
Version 4.2.6, December 24, 2007 Dave Lewis

Download OSProcessPluginV4-2-6.sar. Supports both 64 bit and 32 bit image and VM on both 64 bit and 32 bit hardware.

UnixOSProcessPlugin.bundle is the carbon based OSX plugin, it is bundled with the Squeak 3.8.18beta1U.app OSX carbon VM. Built with help from Eliot Miranda and John McIntosh

OSProcessPlugin (OSPP) provides access to Unix/Linux and Windows operating system functions. OSPP is used by OSProcess for low level system access. Stub classes are provided for other operating systems (help welcome here).

OSProcessPlugin contains the complete source code for the Unix and Windows OSProcessPlugin (OSPP). Generate the plugin with VMMaker. No external support code is required.

See also XDisplayControlPlugin, which contains the X display support primitives previously included in OSPP, and AioPlugin, which contains the asynchronous I/O event forwarding primitives previously included in OSPP.

Changes in OSPP 4.2.4 since 4.2.5:

Previous versions of OSPP:

Version 4.2.5 OSProcessPluginV4-2-5.sar (December 24, 2007)

Version 4.2.4 OSProcessPluginV4-2-4.sar (April 2007)

Version 4.2.3

Version 4.2.2

Version 4.2.1

Version 4.2

Version 4.0.2

Version 4.0.1OSProcessPluginV4-0-1.sar(November 2005)

Version 4.0OSProcessPluginV4-0.sar(September, 2005)
Changes in version 4.0 since 3.3.1:

Version 3.3.1OSProcessPluginV3-3-1.sar(April 24, 2005). With Unix file locking primitives.

Changes in version 3.3.1:

Version 3.3OSProcessPluginV3-3.sar(February 22, 2004).

New in version 3.3:

Version 3.2OSProcessPluginV3-2.sar(January 6, 2004. Latest version, including Unix file locking primitives)

Version 3.2 adds file locking primitives for Unix, and removes remaining dependencies on X window.

Version 3.1.1OSProcessPluginV3-1-1.sar+ (August 13, 2003)

Version 3.1.1 adds OSProcessPlugin>>initialiseModule (left out of 3.1 change set).

Changes in version 3.1 since version 3.1.7:

Prior to version 3.0.6, OSProcessPlugin was distributed as part of the OSProcess change set.

Changes in OSProcessPlugin since the prior version released in OSProcess 3.0.5: