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Full release
Last updated at 1:35 am UTC on 17 January 2006
The "Full" release is the Squeak configuration which is filled with multimedia, developer and educational content, similar to Squeak releases prior to 3.6.

A goal of the Squeak Guides is to break down the monolithic Squeak image into its component parts, as packages. As part of this process, we plan on having three release configurations:

Full - The full-size image containing all of the usual multimedia, developer and educational content. Also known as the "kitchensink" image. This is the default image that beginners should use.

Basic - An image configuration containing just the essential developer tools. What one might call an "IDE" (Integrated Development Environment). This would include a user interface with browsers, etc.

Minimal - The smallest possible kernel which contains a bootstrappable core of Squeak. This could be used for creating lightweight configurations, experiments, etc. As of 3.6, the Minimal release does not yet exist.

Note that Basic is a subset of Full, and Minimal is a subset of Basic.

Starting with any of these configurations, one would be able to create a custom configuration by adding additional packages from SqueakMap.

How can I tell if I have a Full or Basic release?

Open the SqueakMap Package Loader, and then select "show installed packages" from the popup. If you see the packages VMMaker, Balloon3D, Games, etc. listed as installed, this means that you have the Full release. The Basic release has a much smaller number of packages pre-installed.

Typically the "final" stable releases such as 3.6 available at squeak.org will be Full releases, while the Alpha testing images available on the ftp site will be Basic releases.