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Last updated at 2:25 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
26-30 October, Anaheim, California

As usual Squeakers will show up in the wild at OOPSLA - probably one of the best places in the world to watch them in action. :-)

To get a better track of who are going, sign up here, if you already have a "name page" on this Swiki just use that - otherwise write like this:


I looked at their site but couldn't see any info yet. On the other hand there is always a spontaneous Camp Smalltalk at OOPSLA. :-)
From tpr - We took over a number of tables in the upper hallway and had some fun. Attendance was well down for the con generally and I imagine the fires discouraged more than a few people from attending. No Craig, no Eliot etc. Someone pointed out that the LA basin could have been a good place to film the Vale Of Mordor scenes for LOTR 3. Lots of smoke, bad air (even worse than normal for LA) and the sun a red smudge in the sky. Network access was amusing - many of us were able to tunnel through the 'security' on the con.centre's firewall to at least get email. Some even got web access for a while.

Squeak BOF

Current plan is as proposed by Dan Ingalls:
"I think we have a tradition of doing it just after supper (ie 7:30-ish) the night before the "social event", unless it conflicts with something else we like. I therefore propose 7:30pm on Tuesday, just for purposes of discussion."
[Mon am] We just got a large room (202B) reserved, with data projector. - DI

Squeak BOF notes

[Please correct my brief notes. dgc]
Douglas Way presiding
About 40 in attendance
7:40 PM - 10:00 PM


Dan Ingalls & Michael Rueger
Ned Konz
Takashi Yamamiya
John McIntosh
Andreas Raab
Stephan Wessels
Julian Fitzell and Andrew Catton
Colin Putney
Yoshiki Oshima
Nathanael Schärli
Photos of Squeak BOF 2003 Speakers